Some mornings you just need to make some waffles.
And today was one of those mornings.
This past week has just been incredible.
I only have one shift, so I have been able to sleep in, get some chores done and just enjoy life more.
Definitely not looking forward to working Black Friday.
Ah well, just a few more weeks then I will be done!



How far along are you? 23 weeks

Weight gain: just about 17 pounds. I must admit that it is getting harder and harder to watch the scale go up. I understand that the weight I am gaining is important for his growth, I just want to make sure I'm gaining a healthy amount.

Sleep: My body temperature has been up and down lately. I'll wake up sweating, then a few hours later freezing. So sleeping is still a little struggle

Movement: He has been moving like crazy the past week and it makes me giggle every time.

Favourite moments: Last Thursday, Alex was able to feel the him move for the first time. It was so sweet to his face light up. It's become part of our evening routine to sit on the couch and wait for him to start moving. We went to see Mockingjay last Saturday (amazing!) and during the bombing of District 13, he was kicking around non stop. It's cute to feel him react to things.

Happy or moody? Mostly happy, but because of the lack of sleep lately I've become a tad moody now and again.

Belly button in or out? In

Looking forward to: Seeing my midwife next week. I haven't seen her in a month, and I love our visits. She is just an encyclopaedia of information and I always feel confident after our appointments.

Also if you want a tear jerker, listen to this song. I can't stop listening to it, and every time I do I shed a tear or two.



This time last week there was snow on the ground.
I was convinced that it was here to stay, but yesterday we had a random "spring day" and it has all melted.
Luckily we got some Christmasy pictures done while the snow was here.



As much as I love trying new hairstyles, I get easily frustrated if they turn out to be too complicated or time consuming.
So I thought I would show you all a super quick and easy updo that I have been obsessed with recently.
Step one// I find this style works best with 2nd day hair that has loose waves (tutorial coming soon)

Step two// Grab a section of hair near the crown of your head and lightly backcomb

Step three// Centre part your hair starting below your ears. This way you don't have a part from the top of your head all the way down to your bun.

Step four// Braid both sections of hair. Lightly pull the braids to give them more texture.

Step five// Take one braid and twist around one time so the braid lays flat against your head. Pin in place.

Step six// Wrap the end of the braid underneath the section you just pinned down.

Step seven// Repeat on the other side

Step eight// Continue to pin where necessary.

This hairstyle looks great with with a centre or side part. I personally like to have a few pieces pulled out to frame my face.

Hope you enjoy!