The past few weeks have just flown by! I still can't believe that Calvin is already 3 weeks old! I can't remember life without him. The more I get to know him, the more I love him! The amount of support we have received from family has been incredible! Alex's parents came down last Wednesday for a visit and to meet their new grandson. It's been an absolute blast having them here! Playing games,  going on walks, running errands, eating out and just catching up. We're definitely going to miss them when they go back home!



This past Sunday was Calvin's blessing. It was such a beautiful day spent with family. Growing up, I always loved hearing baby blessings at church, but hearing your own child's blessing is so much more special. One of our friends surprised us by writing down a few of the things that were mentioned in his blessing. It's so easy to forget what things are told us in blessings, so I'm glad that we will be able to read some of the things promised him as the years go by.



It really is quite amazing how such a tiny person can take up such a huge part in your heart. These two weeks have been absolute perfection. Calvin literally has been spoiling us. Giving us 4-5 hours of straight sleep at night, being super playful and attentive during the morning and evening, barely crying and just being a snuggle bug. We did have a few bumps in the road (breastfeeding), but all in all the beginning of parenthood has been beautiful. It still amazes to look at this little human and know that he is all ours. 



I still can't believe how fast this pregnancy went! It seems like yesterday that I peed on a pregnancy test, saw the result and ran into the bedroom screaming with excitement to Alex. Although I did not do bumpdates for the entirety of my pregnancy, I have found it super fun to look back at the 20-40 week and see the changes and thoughts I was having. 

Having Calvin here has been so awesome! I just want to treasure every single moment we have with him. I've already seen a change in him over the past week! So naturally, since this blog is a form of journaling and documenting for me, I thought I would transition from weekly bumpdates to monthly Calvin updates. So many changes are soon to happen, and I want to remember every single stage and moment.