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Bunnies and chocolates are fun, but let us all remember the true reason of why we celebrate Easter.
I am so grateful that He is risen.
And because He is, I will be too.
And not just me, but my whole family.
Happy Easter Weekend everyone!

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Weird to think my hair used to look like this.

This morning before I headed off to work, I randomly started looking through our engagement pictures.
I find it absolutely hilarious to think that they were taken just over a year ago.
A couple of my girlfriends are getting married this summer, so I get to relive the excitement with them.

I thought I knew what married life was going to be like.
But I really had no clue.
I was surprised.
In a good way.
I still get stressed over the same things.
I still suffer from anxieties.
I still am exhausted from work.
I still love him.

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